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BEM and eZresults


The Auto Reports functions are designed to be used on a second PC at an event to generate reports as required leaving the main PC operator to concentrate on results entry.
Facilities allow monitoring of the event status, periodically generate selected HTML results for upload to the eZeventing web site, monitor the event status and print selected reports on up to four printers.

BEM interface

HTML Per-Class Reports

The first step for the Auto Reports is to select the Top Level Folder for HTML Reports. E.g. D:\BEM\Auto Reports\.
When the Start Reports button in clicked and any of the HTML reports have been selected, the program will create an Event Folder under the top level folder then under that, a folder per Class where each of the selected per class HTML report(s) are stored.

When the Refresh Time expires, a check is made for any updates to the event file (remembering that you should have selected the back up file, not the main event file) and if a change has been made, all reports are re-created before the timer is re-set to continue the cycle.
Where FTP Upload of HTML reports is enabled, the FTP Send Interval controls how often the selected reports are updated on the eZeventing web site. This setting is a multiple of the Refresh Time setting.

Event Level HTML Results.

The options in this group allow selected Event Level HTML results to be generated and stored in the Event Folder (under the Top Level Folder) and are updated at each Refresh Time interval if the back-up file has changed.
Where the Upload HTML Reports via FTP function is enabled, these reports are sent to the Event Reports folder on the eZeventing Live Results site.

Where the Event Level Reports Auto Scrolling is selected, the Moto Results and Round Results generate auto scrolling HTML result files that can be used for public display at events.

Upload HTML Reports via FTP

In conjunction with the eZeventing web site’s Live Results facilities, event results can be progressively updated on the web site during the event.
Note that an Internet connection is required at the event (typically wireless) and a subscription to the eZresults service.

Once a subscription is in place, this feature in RRD is enabled by entering the event specific Upload Key provided by eZeventing into the event file via the BEM Options screen.
When the option is enabled, the selected Per-Class and Event Level HTML reports are uploaded each “FTP Send Interval” to the eZeventing Live Results.
Note that by clicking the Update Now button triggers an immediate update if the back up file has changed subsequent to the previous update. To enhance upload speed the suggested strategy for the management of these reports is to only have enabled those reports that are relevant for the stage the event is at. E.g.:

  • Entries per Class would not need to be updated once racing commences.
  • Moto Draws would usually require only a once only upload.
  • Qualifier and Final Draws should not be enabled until the start of the last round of motos.
  • Moto Results would be enabled once racing started and disabled once the motos are complete.
  • Full Results should only be selected once the event scoring is fully completed.
  • Time Trial results need only be enabled until the Time Trial (if run) is completed.
  • Race Orders should only need to be a one off upload unless changes are made.
  • Event Level Full Results, Moto Results & Round Results need only be done as a once off when the event scoring is fully completed.